I wear a variety of hats – wife, mother, grandmother, Realtor, author, herbalist. On reflection I note that those pursuits relate to land use, not as a result of some grand plan, but simply from a conscious connection to the earth we call home.


Book CoverIt is my good fortune to pursue what I love, which is mostly found outdoors, whether walking, gardening or locating the perfect home with a client.


I raised 5 kids in the most self-sustaining environment I could conjure, or home-made and home-grown. My kids remember no one would trade lunches with them because their sandwiches consisted of home-made peanut butter and jelly on home-made whole wheat bread, an adolescent’s version of yucky.


My grandkids look forward to walks in the woods or even the neighborhood seeking traveling gnomes, puzzle rocks and edible wild plants.


And, as for my role as a wife, part of what attracted me to my husband was his love of vegetable gardening.


As a Realtor, I get to help people realize the American dream. Mark Twain said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”


My NJ Trails books, “You Can Get There from Here: Hiking Hunterdon County Trails” and the sequel “Hiking NJ Trails – Hunterdon County and Beyond: You Can Get There from Here Too”, have been my most fun land use activities yet, sharing my love for the outdoors with folks who want to give it a try. I've added a new Trails book for Southwest Florida. "10 Adventures and More in Lee and Collier Counties: Florida on Land and Water."


When I started to write this, I thought "Whoops, how does 'Life is Too Short to Be Stuck in the Kitchen' fit in." Then I realized it absolutely reflects my passion for home-made and home-grown as well as embracing what Mother Nature has to offer. Read my interview with Joanne Tailele about the book.


I want to mention a few community organizations about which I am passionate and serve as a volunteer.

Simplistic – perhaps, but for me life sustaining. No question about who I am – someone following her heart’s desires, which just came naturally.


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